Eyelights Lighting.

Our lighting department offers a wide range of equipment for use on location or studio based productions.

Quotations can be provided for single item hire or complete equipment and labour packages, covering short or long term projects and installations. One off custom built rigs and set lighting design can be tailor made for specialist applications. 

We supply Gaffers, Best Boys, Sparks and equipment to suit your requirements. HMI, tungsten, kino, LED light panels, portable blue and green screens,  textiles and location generators. In fact we have the solutions for all your lighting and power requirements with our extensive range of equipment and highly skilled and experienced personnel. 
Our lighting technicians work on a wide range of productions from feature films, commercials, documentaries, tv drama and the corporate sector.



Power wherever you need it.

46KVA (37Kw super silent 4X4 Land Rover Generator)

6.6KVA Portable Generator

5.5KVA Portable Generator

Genni carriers and larger units avaliable upon request

Distribution to get the power where you need it 


Hmi lighting is used to simulate daylight 

Examples given below


Octo dome Plus 5ft HMI

200 HMI mole

200 MSR

400 Par joker bug

400 Dado MSR Projector and gobos

575 MSR's

1.2 MSR's

2.5 MSR

4k-18k Hmi's

Chimeras and speed rings

Low power consumption soft lighting

Daylight and Tungsten examples,

Green and Blue screen Chroma Kino tubes

 LED and Fluorescent 


Diva 400

1x1 Bi colour LED

Rosco Gaffer pad Kits

4x4 Kino-flo

4x2 Kino-flo

2x4 Kino-flo

2x2 Kino-flo

Single tube setups

Mini flo kits

Micro flo kits


Stands and accessories to mount your lighting and textiles where you need them

Flags and poly boards  

Lighting gels and consumables

Textiles 20x20, 12x12, 8x8, 6x6


Lighting stands


Tungsten lighting examples


10Kw Freznel

5Kw Freznel

2Kw Freznel

1Kw Frezenel

650w Freznel

500w Freznel

300w Freznel

150w Freznel


Ground row 

Space lights


Cyc lights 

Effects and projector lamps



Download Equipment List
(PDF - Adobe Reader required)